Today's Bible apps don't work for
2 billion
of the world's 3 billion internet users
We can do better.

Bible apps and sites are too big

Current estimates say two billion internet users don't have broadband connections, which presents a significant barrier to the Word.

Too slow

Half of users lose interest after just 3 seconds, well before Bible Gateway can load a verse. That's unacceptable when it comes to retail and advertising, why would it be acceptable for the Word?

Too costly

Emerging markets tend to price internet by bandwidth usage (metered data). That means users pay by the verse. How likely are you to get lost in the Word if you have to pay to keep reading?

What about offline apps?

Popular apps can download the text for offline reading, but they're orders of magnitude larger just to download.

Let's make a Bible app for the Great Commisssion

Physical books are hard to move

Anyone that's visited developing areas can understand the difficulty of moving physical Bibles to remote areas. But even when there's no electricity or running water, there's solar panels for charging mobile devices. We have an opportunity to get digital copies of the Bible to every tribe and tongue.

Our goal

The Everywhere Bible project aims to deliver the word to slow internet connections in under 3 seconds and allow people to read the Bible without having to pay each time. The current prototype is 1/100th the size of popular Bible sites, works even if the connection is lost, and never makes the user download the same passage twice.

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